Fees & Fee Payment

    • Did you know tuition fees can be paid via Interac Online?  Go to Payment Options for more information. Please be sure to review the Fee Payment Deadline page. 

      It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all fees and deposits are paid in full by the deadline. If you are eligible for an award, a sponsorship, or financial aid you must have a fee deferral approved by the deadline.

      Note: Fees are under review and subject to change without notice.

      If you would like more information on tuition and fees for specific courses, myCap Schedule provides fee calculations by course, course descriptions, and sample schedules.

      To calculate the cost of a specific program, the Tuition & Fees Estimator will provide an estimate of yearly tuition and fee costs based on full enrollment. The Tuition & Fees Estimator can also be accessed from any program by the green button. 

      Admission/Readmission Fees

      All students are required to pay a non-refundable fee when submitting their application for admission or re-admission to the University or to a program.

      Standard Fees Service Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents International Students  
      Application for Admission/Re-admission $50.00 Must be submitted with a completed application to the University or to a program $135.00 Must be submitted with a completed first application to the University or a program
             $50.00 Must be submitted with any subsequent application to the University or a program

      Individuals Exempt from Tuition Fees

      If you are a person aged 65 years or older prior to the start of a term, you are exempt from paying the standard per credit tuition fee as long as you provide proper identification. However, you are still responsible for tuition surcharges and any other fees, including  Incidental Fees. For a complete list of other fees, please refer to  Tuition & Other Fees. If you are unsure about whether a course qualifies for exemption, please contact the  Cashier's Office

      Note: All fees are in Canadian Dollars.