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Communication Studies Diploma

  • Applications Open for Fall 2018!

    Communication studies is a growing field whose central concern is to examine the role played by communication practices, processes, and media in human societies. Communication studies promotes a critical exploration of connections between the structures of communication (media technologies, industries, and policies) and their impacts on meaning-making, social relationships, cultural practices, power, and the economy.

    The Communication Studies diploma is a two-year, 60-credit program consisting of ten communications courses, all of which transfer to SFU’s Communication BA program, plus ten academic electives.

    Learning outcomes include:

    • the ability to think discerningly about communication issues
    • the development of critical media literacy
    • an understanding of key historical and contemporary social and ethical issues in media and communication
    • an awareness of the various ways in which communication practices support social life and culture.

    Successful students graduating from the Communication Studies diploma will have the skills and abilities to pursue upper level university courses in communication studies, and will be able to obtain entry-level work in communication industries. The program provides a foundation for students who are aiming at careers in

    • journalism
    • public, community and government affairs
    • media relations
    • radio or television
    • audio visual programming
    • media administration and research
    • publishing
    • policy analysis
    • communications project development
    • writing and editing

    Students planning to transfer to SFU are advised to consult with the program convenor or School of Communication chair prior to choosing electives, as the choices should be consistent with lower level requirements for SFU's BA in Communication. Please contact us for a list of courses with SFU transfer equivalents and suggested electives.