• Diversity on campus

    Conflict Resolution & Harassment

    • If you are a student or a member of faculty, staff, or administration and you are:

      • involved in or affected by a conflict or dispute on or off campus; or 
      • having difficluties with a colleague, instructor, sudent, co-worker, manager, administrator... or any other member of the University community; or
      • the target of harassment or accused of harassing someone 

      The Conflict Resolution Advisor is ready to help.

      The Advisor assists campus members to confidentially, informally, and effectively resolve difficult interpersonal situations ranging from interpersonal conflict to sexual/discriminatory harassment and bullying.  All discussions are confidential.  The Advisor will not contact anyone or take any action without your request.  However, for employees, in accordance with Worksafe Bill 14, if your concern fits to definition of bullying or harassment, the Advisor has a duty to act improve the situation.  Support that the Advisor can provide includes:

      • information, advice, and referrals
      • discussing effective responses/strategies
      • coaching communication approaches/skills
      • assisting with written communication
      • mediating specific disputes/conflicts
      • facilitating group meetings

      The Advisor also offers presentations and workshops at all campuses on many topics, including harassment and discrimination, managing conflicts positively, difficult conversations, communication skills, anger management, team buidling, effective meetings, and respectful workplace. See the Conflict Resolution and Discrimination & Harassment links in the left menu for a listing of workshops the Advisor has developed and presents on request.