Brand FAQs

      • Brand implementation process
        Brand guidelines and templates
        Branded materials, stationery and email signatures
        Using the new logo
        Awareness about the brand
        General questions

        Brand implementation process

        Who approved the brand?
        The Board of Governors formally approved the brand on November 8, 2016. What is the process for implementation now that the brand has been revealed? Implementation has begun, with most public-facing elements rebranded by September 2017.

        What’s going on with the new website? Will it be rebuilt by January 1st?
        Consistent use of the new logo is the initial goal for the website. IT Services will implement a list of high priority tasks by December 15, 2016. This includes replacing the colour palette and logo on the external web pages, Frontlines and campus screens.

        Preliminary plans are underway to begin a full rebuild of the website in 2017, but no concrete timelines have been identified yet.

        Brand guidelines and templates

        When will the brand guidelines and templates be available for use?
        The brand guidelines are expected to be posted on December 1, 2016.

        Electronic letterhead templates in the new brand will be available for use when the brand guidelines are posted. Please use electronic letterhead for email communications only; do not print electronic letterhead for use in hard copy communications.

        Departments and Faculties should prepare to use only newly branded stationery (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, name tags) beginning on March 1, 2017. To minimize waste, please endeavor to use up existing stationery stock prior to March 1. Please consult other departments or Procurement Services to to see if they have “old brand” inventory you can use.

        Branded materials, stationery and email signatures

        How do I order new stationery?
        Please follow the current process for ordering letterhead, envelopes (if necessary), name tags and business cards. Purchasing will monitor stationery orders until February 28, 2017 so that departments may be credited for stationery costs related to the rebrand. As of March 1, 2017 departments will be responsible for their ongoing stationery costs.

        If I place an order for new collateral marketing materials after November 24, will it be in the new brand?
        Yes. For specific advice about your project or initiative, please contact the Communications & Marketing department at or call local 1709.

        Do I have to throw away or replace every piece of material I have that reflects the old brand today?
        This process is being implemented in phases to reduce costs. The goal is to fully transition into the refreshed identity by September 2017. You should take every opportunity as your refresh or re-order cycles occur to update your materials. Please do not produce any new materials unless they carry the revised identity.

        When should I replace my email signature? How?
        We ask that all staff and faculty wait until the brand guidelines and templates are posted before replacing email signatures. We will provide guidelines and support on how to successfully replace your email signature in early December.

        How do I get a new business card?
        Approvals, cost centre and department-based ordering are unchanged, but you will have a choice of three templates to order from. One template contains the business standard for contact information, which is recommended for most uses. The second allows for additional contact information, if it is essential. The third is designed to include the Canadian flag, and is for reserved for the Centre for International Experience (CIE) only.

        Can I use my old nametag?
        Yes, for now. Please plan to update/reorder nametags by March 1, 2017, when branded hard copy stationery (letterhead, envelopes, business cards and name tags) will be available for use.

        Should I get my security tag replaced?
        For the initial phase of implementation, only damaged security tags, or tags for new employees will be provided in the new brand.

        Using the new logo

        How will I receive support on using the new brand?
        Beginning in January 2017, Communications & Marketing will be available, on invitation, to speak to teams and individuals about how to implement the new brand. This will include training on the use of supplied templates and the logo in any new materials. Self-serve resources such as brand guidelines, templates and other brand materials are expected to be posted on on December 1. Please contact us at or local 1709 to book a faculty or department visit for the coming year.

        For more information about use of the logo, please contact Tanya Bovenlander Vogt at

        Can’t I just place the new logo over my old materials?
        There are complementary creative elements to go with the logo. Please review and familiarize yourself with the brand guidelines to review full treatment solutions, and consult Communications & Marketing to understand what’s possible.

        Now that the brand has been revealed, can I begin to use the new logo on all of my materials?
        To ensure a successful transition, we request your patience as we proceed with a phased implementation approach. Depending on the timing of your event and initiative, as well as the type of promotional materials required, you may be required to use up old stock between November 25, 2016 and March 1, 2017.

        For specific advice about your project or initiative, please contact the Communications & Marketing department at or call local 1709.

        What’s the difference between the coat-of-arms and the new logo?
        Rooted in history and tradition, the Coat of Arms is the official heraldic symbol of Capilano University. It is a seal reserved primarily for official functions such as Convocation and other academic events. The Coat of Arms is not used in our promotional or marketing materials.

        The University’s logo is a visual rendering of our values, service commitment and core identity. It is the primary symbol that represents who we are as an institution. The logo is used in promotional and marketing materials such as the Viewbook, website, social media channels, University merchandise and advertising campaigns.

        Awareness about the brand

        I heard there is going to be an advertising campaign in January. Where will we be showing up?
        To support the brand’s implementation, we are planning an outdoor launch campaign through the Lower Mainland and Sechelt. You can look forward to seeing refreshed advertising through a number of channels, including print, outdoor, social media and digital.

        General questions

        Will there be a sale in the Bookstore on current branded stock?
        Yes, the Bookstore is currently selling the old branded merchandise at 50 per cent off the original price.

        What about colours? Are we still “blue”? Will our walls be repainted to match the brand palette?
        The University’s refreshed visual identity includes an updated colour palette. Please contact Facilities for decisions regarding wall colours, furniture and other décor, if the need arises.