Words of David Fung

      • “A ceremony of significance”

        Words of David Fung, Chancellor, Capilano University, for President’s Installation
        Monday, October 17, 4 p.m.
        BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts

        Good afternoon, everyone. My name is David Fung and I am chancellor of Capilano University.

        Events that bring people together to celebrate advancement and success are hallmarks of tradition in higher education. In the donning of our ceremonial dress, in the display of our regalia, in our processional and our program, we pause to enact a ritual that underscores the value we place upon education and the learning environment that is a university. We take our place among our peers, in the global context of advanced education, proud of our traditions, excited about our future.

        This afternoon, we bear witness in the act of bestowing a great responsibility to one individual. We represent the acknowledgement of all that we ask of the president’s role and responsibility, and we convey, with our presence, an awareness of our own part in the success of leadership at Capilano University.

        The role of a university president demands an exceptional leader. One who is tirelessly engaged and listening. One who builds trust amongst stakeholders, bridges gaps in understanding, sets the course through consultation and decision-making, is always focused on advancement of the curriculum, of students, of the University’s place in society and contribution to the world.

        The president celebrates inquiry and open-mindedness, experimentation, intellectual rigour and the cultivation of citizens who contribute to society. They must marvel and exclaim when students succeed and they must pause and ponder support systems for when they struggle.

        To be respected, the president must align their words, deeds and values to lead by example. They must find the balance between the traditional and the innovative. They must know when to stay the course in times of challenge, and when to change the route in order to move forward. They must ensure that new ideas and solutions have a voice. They must be resilient, optimistic and grateful for the contributions of others. They must reflect, and they must lead the call to action.

        Today’s investiture of Paul Dangerfield as president marks a new beginning in the history of Capilano University. I welcome you to this future, and I thank you for your presence, as witnesses to this ceremony. Would the audience now please stand for the investiture.

        Paul Dangerfield, would you please stand.

        At the request of the Board of Governors, and through the powers granted to me as Chancellor, I invest you as President and Vice-Chancellor of Capilano University.

        I now invite Her Honour, the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, to come forward to administer the oath of office to Paul Dangerfield. The audience is asked to please stand.