Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Studying abroad gives you a real chance to expand your horizons and take a step outside of your comfort zone, allowing you to see the world from a new perspective, learn about an entirely new culture and grow as an individual. Studying abroad also gives you a global perspective and cross cultural communication skills, which are more and more in demand by employers. Besides enhancing your resume, it shows to employers you embrace diversity and have the confidence to try something new—further setting you apart in an increasingly global job market. Plus—students who study abroad make new international friends, get to see the world and have a lot of fun.   


    Short-term Programs
    Capilano University offers short-term international programs as field schools or summer programs between 10 days to 5 weeks long. Capilano School of Business students are offered two international field schools to choose from. Details on short term programs can be found here.

    2018 Field Schools
    London Field School: London, UK. February 8-18, 2018 (Reading Break)
    Hungary Field School: Budapest & Pécs, Hungary April 22 -May 3 2018 (after Spring term exams)
    China Field School: Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, April 22 -May 6, 2018 (after Spring term exams)

    Full-term Programs

    Through Capilano’s exchange programs, students earn credit toward graduation while on exchange at one of Capilano’s partner institutions .Capilano University School of Business students can study abroad for a full semester in countries including Austria, China, France, Germany, Paraguay and Switzerland. For a full list of destinations and partner universities visit here.
    Applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 credits prior to departure and have a GPA of 2.67 at time of application. 

    Mentor an international student

    Capilano students can become involved in student life while gaining an international perspective by becoming part of the International Leadership and Mentorship Program. International students—who represent 57 countries on campus—are paired up with a student mentor, who volunteers to introduce the international student to the city and life as a Canadian student.     

  • What our students say: 

    “You will learn through studies, through creating friendships, through so many different situations and events that could be amazing or could be terrifying. You will come back home with unique stories and experiences. No matter what happens—you will learn and grow.”
    -Lycia Jones, Capilano University School of Business student, studied abroad in the Netherlands. 

    “Studying abroad not only sets you apart from other graduates, but it also gives you the opportunity to travel the world. I traveled to 15 countries during my six months abroad.”
    -Brooklynn Nelson, Capilano University School of Business student, studied abroad in the United Kingdom

    Read more dispatches from Capilano students who have studied abroad at Capilano University’s Study Abroad blog