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    No Fees ... No Assignments ... No Grades ... Free Pizza!

    What is ChatLive?

    ChatLive is a series of informal, face-to-face discussions over lunch (FREE PIZZA!) where you can explore interesting ideas with other students. Facilitated by a different faculty member(s) each week, we discuss thought-provoking topics and current issues. All CapU students are welcome.


    LB188 or LB186 (as noted)


    Select Thursdays 11:30am to 12:30pm

    ChatLive Schedule

    Fall 2017 topics & hosts

    September 21

    “My Reconciliation Includes...” (for Truth and Reconciliation Week)
    – David Kirk, Clay Little (Kéxwusm-áyakn Student Centre) LB188

    October 5

    “Birdsong SOS” – (follow up to the film Birdsong SOS)
    – Roy Jantzen (Earthworks) LB188

    October 19

    “Indigenous Art Activism: We Don’t Cross the Borders – The Borders Cross Us”
    – David Geary (Motion Picture Arts Program)
    * This session will be in LB186

    November 2

    “The Neuroscience of the Alt-Right: A Look at the Evolutionary and Cognitive Biases of the Brain” 
    – Kent Lewis (English) LB188

    November 9

    “Going Nuts? What it means and what to do when you feel yourself or someone you care about is going ‘crazy’”
    – Keith Lam (Counselling)
    * This session will be in LB186

    November 16

    “What Role Can Images Play in a “Post-Truth” World?"
    – Sandra Seekins (Art History, Women’s and Gender Studies) LB188

    Do I Need to Register?

    No, and there is no cost. Registered students who attend a minimum of three sessions will earn a notification on their transcript. The Registrar will be informed of your participation in the requisite number of sessions at the end of the Spring Term.

    Who can I contact?

    Feel free to contact Sandra Seekins at with any questions you might have about the program.