Career Opportunities

  • Paralegal find careers in different areas, including:
    • Personal injury
    • Corporate and commercial
    • Family law
    • Wills and estates
    • Insurance law
    • Real property
    • Intellectual property
    • Aboriginal law
    • Collections
    Paralegals work in:
    • Private law firms ranging in size from large international or national firms to medium-sized firms to small firms and sole practitioners
    • Corporate legal departments including energy companies such as BC Hydro, telecommunications companies, and mining companies
    • Government offices, such as the federal Department of Justice and BC's Ministry of Attorney General
    • Non-profit agencies and societies
    Paralegals find careers in related fields, including:
    • Insurance (as adjusters or brokers)
    • Human resources and office management
    • Legal recruitment
    • Legal publishing and software
    • Policing
    • Private investigation