International and Domestic Student Engagement

      • There is evidence to link student engagement with student success. The CIE also knows that one of the regrets of many students is not engaging enough through their university experience. We encourage international and domestic students to participate in leadership and mentorship in volunteering opportunities on and off campus; and to Study Abroad during a faculty lead field school or by participating in a semester exchange with our partner institutions.

      • Leadership and Mentorship Program

        A positive first year experience for all students is critical for their smooth transition to University. The CIE has established a comprehensive Leadership and Mentorship Program which includes leadership training, coaching and support. Student Leaders and Mentors become peer support to new international students.

        The program is volunteer however faculty or staff who observe an international student facing transition challenges should refer the student to “request a mentor”. Faculty who identify students as good candidates to Study Abroad or who have natural leaderships skills should consider referring these students to “apply to be a mentor”.

        International Education Week

        Each year, the Centre for International Education works with students, faculty and staff volunteers to celebrate International Education Week (IEW). This year, IEW will take place during the week of November 14-18, 2016. For more information about the events planned for this year, please see the Capilano University News & Events page. 



        Student Leadership Launch - group

        Leadership and Mentorship Program Launch


        IEW 1

        International Education Week Celebrations