International Student Diversity

      • Student Enrollment

        International student enrollment has been increasing over the past four academic years with the latest growth being 16% over the prior year.

        In 2014/15, Capilano University welcomed students from 67 countries. The top 15 source countries are shown below. Many of these countries are consistent with Canada’s priority markets and British Columbia’s international education initiatives.

        BrazilJapanSouth Korea
        Hong KongRussia FederationUnited Kingdom
        IndiaSaudi ArabiaUnited States of America

        India Subcontinent Office

        India is country with a very high regard for education, a large student age population, and too few institutions to meet their needs. Compared to other institutions, Capilano University’s enrollment from India was low.

        In the fall 2014, the CIE implemented a strategic partnership to establish a subcontinent office in India which contributed to the doubling of enrollments from India in 2014/15 (43) over the prior year (24) and is expected to double again in the 2015/16 academic year.

        Customer Relationship Management

        During the 2015-16 academic year, the CIE will be working with the Information Technology department to plan and implement the introduction of a customer relationship management project which is intended to improve communications with all contacts including prospective students, applicants, admitted students, current students and alumni as well as counsellors, agents, partners and other contacts.

        Ultimately, this initiative aims to improve recruitment and retention results and increase the capacity of the Capilano University’s CIE to collaborate with partners.




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