BC Hydro Curriculum Contest

    • Congratulations to Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, Roy Jantzen, Dr. Aurelea Mahood, and Jorge Oceguera for successfully embedding sustainability and conservation into their existing programs and course materials. A cheque for $2,000 each was awarded to Rajiv, Roy, and Aurelea while Jorge won a $100 for creativity and imagination. The instructors took part in the inaugural BC Hydro sponsored challenge contest to help create a culture of energy literacy in B.C. by building capacity within all disciplines of education. The contest was held in conjunction with the Sustainability in Education Across the Province (SEAP) conference hosted at Capilano University in May 2011.

      BC Hydro Curriculum Contest Winners


      Caption: Simon Vickers (BC Hydro), Ron Mastromonaco (BC Hydro), Jorge Oceguera (CU), Dr. Kris Bulcroft (CU), Dr. Aurelea Mahood (CU), Roy Jantzen (CU), Laura Williams (CU), Colin Dalziel (CU). Missing Dr.Rajiv Jhangiani (CU)

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