Print Smarter Campaign

    • Since 2007 Capilano U has reduced paper purchases by more than 20%!

      The primary goal of the 'print smarter' campaign is to raise awareness within the University community of the environmental impact of our internal paper usage.  It is by changing our personal behaviors and adopting a 'paper conservation attitude' that we can significantly reduce the GHGs that result from the University's daily paper consumption.

      4 Ways to Achieve Our Target

      1. Change the paper we use
        Action: Switch to a higher post consumer waste (pcw) content paper.
        Status: February 2008 Capilano U switched all 20# white copy paper 8.5" x 11" and 8.5" x 14" from 100% virgin to 30% pcw.
      2. Change how we print
        Action: Commit to duplex (double-sided) printing and sharing documents electronically.
        Status: August 2008 All MFDs defaulted to double sided printing.
        Action: Expand access to MFD.
        Status: August 2008 All MFDs are accessible to all employees.
      3. Maximized the use of the Canon Multifunction Devices (MFDs)
        Action: Users of the MFDs needed more training to learn to use the paper saving features.
        Status: One-on-one & small group training program implemented; approximately 100 users re-trained.
        Status: Ongoing training available.
        Action: Access on-line learning resources was needed.
        Status: Training materials on-line.
      4. Change our internal processes
        Status: Implement Papercut software (Fall 2012)
        We've identified the following opportunities to reduce paper:
        • Reduce the number of Capilano internal phone books printed (2009 target: 37,000 sheets)
        • Posting on-line student course out-lines
        • Review of the current course out-line process from creation to distribution.
        • Asking the question ‘do I really need to print this?’ prior to actually printing.

      Email your suggestions and ideas on how we can all work together to reduce paper consumption on campus.


    • Annual Paper Purchases Chart PDF

      Since 2007 Capilano U has reduced paper purchases by more than 20%.

      Click on the image to open PDF.