Classroom Tables

    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What have classroom tables got to do with it?  

      In 2007 the Purchasing Department at Capilano University began investigating its standard method for disposal of surplus classroom tables with an eye to finding a more environmentally responsible way to efficiently dispose of tables no longer in 'good enough' repair to remain in use. 

      Since then, Capilano University has moved from disposal of surplus tables into the landfill,

      The program has evolved as follows:

      2009 onwards

      tables refurbishing included as standard business operations


      pilot test: work directly with table manufacturer/supplier try to refurbish 14 classroom tables

      Success factors:

      • 12 of the 14 tables were refurbished and returned to service in the classroom.  
      • 2 tables were dismantled and the metal & wood recycled. 100% diversion from landfill
      • Overall savings of $560 on 14 tables. 


      dismantling, separation and recycling of metal and wood materials 

      • Success factor: 100% diversion from the landfill.
      • Non-sustainable factor: very labour intensive.


      standard disposal

      • Non-sustainable factor: 100% into the landfill.