Carpool FAQ's

    • What are the benefits of joining a carpool group?

      Carpooling and ride sharing reduce the number of single occupancy cars arriving at the campus each day and decreases the strain on our limited parking resources and it is good for the environment.

      Carpooling = Free Parking

      Groups of three (3) or more employees and/or students currently enrolled at Capilano University (including Children's Centre) qualify for free parking in the designated Carpool Lots when they register their group and obtain a Carpool Permit. 

      Is my child eligible to join my carpool group?

      Yes, children who are attending the University's Childrens' Centre are welcome to join their parents or caregivers in a carpool group. Each child will be counted towards the driver plus at least two passenger requirement.

      Please ask the Childrens' Centre to verify your child's name and enrolment by email to

      What is the cost for a carpool group?

      There is no fee to join a Carpool Group.

      Registered Carpool Groups are eligible for FREE Parking on days when all three (or more) members arrive and disembark in a designated Carpool Space.

      On days when your entire group is not present you must park in one of the general parking areas and pay the rate for that particular zone.

      How do I apply for a carpool?

      Review and compete one Carpool Application (pdf) for your group of 3 or more.

      Each member of the group must present their own CapCard identification to:
      Parking Services Office
      Arbutus building, room 032

      Hours: Monday - Friday from 12:15 to 1:15 pm
      and at 10:15 to 10:45 on the first 5 and last 5 business days of the month.

      The group's Carpool Permit will be issued after all group participants have been registered by Parking Services.

      Who is eligible to form a carpool group?

      Carpool groups are comprised of a driver and at least 2 passengers.

      Participants can be of any University employee designation (Admin, Faculty, Staff) or Service Contractor's employee, a registered full or part-time student, or an attendee of the Childrens' Centre.

      There must always be at least 3 members present in the vehicle when parking in a designated Carpool space.

      Where are the carpool spaces located?

      There are 6 Carpool spaces located on the west side of Monashee Drive just below the Childrens' Centre.

      There are 10 Carpool spaces located on the north perimeter of Parking Lot #1 between the staircases leading to the Birch building.

      The Parking Spaces Map (pdf) provides details of all parking space types and the rates associated with each Zone.

      What are the carpool rules?

      1. Arrive on campus together, in one vehicle, at the carpool parking area, and exit the vehicle together.
      2. Absolutely no drop-offs or in & out privileges are permitted – there must be 3 in the vehicle.
      3. Vehicles with less than three occupants observed parking, stopping, waiting, entering or otherwise occupying a carpool parking space will be subject to a ticket and towing, their carpool privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the current term plus the following term.  The University’s Carpool Parking Permit must be returned to the Lot Manager or to the Contract Services & Capital Planning Department upon request.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
      4. Visibly display, from the vehicle’s rear view mirror, a valid Capilano University Carpool Parking Permit.
      5. The vehicle must contain a minimum of three (3) persons who are registered in the current term at Capilano University when it arrives on Campus.  (When leaving for day it does not need to be three).
      6. Possession of a Carpool Parking Permit is not a guarantee of a parking spot; it gives the holder an advantage to find a spot in a specially designated area.
      7. Holders of Carpool Parking Permits may not use the Carpool parking area at any time they do not comply with all the carpool rules.
      8. Parking at any time in any space other than a carpool space requires payment for parking.