Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find out more information on the job market in BC?

    For information on the job market in British Columbia contact the program Coordinator, or the Music Therapy Association of British Columbia. For outside of B.C. you can contact the Canadian Association for Music Therapy.

    Do I need a “Criminal Record Check” for entry to the program?

    You will be taken through a Criminal Record review process in the first month of classes.  The record review is done through the BC Ministry of Justice so that you can complete the practicums with vulnerable populations.  A clear criminal record check is required before you can proceed to the first practicum course, MT 391, in January. If you have concerns about this requirement please have a conversation with the Program Coordinator.

    Does Capilano University have on-site residences?

    No.  The campus, situated on the North Shore of Vancouver, does not have on-site residences.  Students generally find housing in and around the geographic area of the college.  More information on housing will be sent to you if you are accepted to the program.

    How can I tell whether my courses will transfer to Capilano University?

    Please know the prerequisites for entry to third year Music Therapy are listed in generic course titles given that most colleges/universities have their own course names. Where you are unsure whether a course will satisfy the prerequisite requirements you can send the course name and number (Eng 101: Intro to Children's Literature) along with the web link to the course description to the Program Coordinator. Unfortunately the Coordinator can't review transcripts until you have officially applied to Capilano University. Within British Columbia please visit the BC Transfer Guide.

    I'm missing one or two prerequisite courses; can I apply for the May 1st deadline with the intention to take those courses during the summer?

    Yes.  It is beneficial to have a plan for obtaining the missing prerequisites when you arrive for the interview-audition.  Mention your summer courses plan during the audition-interview.

    Can I start the program in January?

    No.  The Capilano University Music Therapy program operates on a September through April calendar, with a break in December.  We close down for late June and July (Coordinator and faculty are unavailable).

    How long does it take to complete the degree?

    The prerequisite courses usually take two years of full-time study.  Once accepted into the Capilano University Music Therapy program, there are two more years of full-time study – 3rd and 4th year.  The pre-professional practicum usually takes from 6 to 10 months depending on the number of days a week you arrange.  The full degree is approximately four and a half years.
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