Our Team

  • Dwayne BeaverDwayne Beaver
    A.A., M.A.
    Instructor - Motion Picture Arts Program

    Dwayne Beaver is a writer, director and producer working in film and television, digital media and animation. His credits include the feature film ... [more]

    Susan Bell
    M. Ed
    Convenor/Instructor - OREC/Coord - SQUID/Instructor - School of Communication

    Susan’s experience spans over 20 years teaching communications in academic and corporate environments, both nationally and internationally. Prior to j ... [more]

    Charles Campbell 2018Charles Campbell
    B.F.A. Creative Writing (Honours) UBC
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Charles edited the Georgia Straight weekly for 11 years, and worked at Vancouver Sun for five years as entertainment editor and an editorial b ... [more]

    Sue Dritmanis 2018Sue Dritmanis
    B.F.A., M. Ed.
    Convenor - MPP/Instructor - Tour/Co-Chair, Instructor - School of Communication

    As a senior editor and writer with more than 20 years experience, a former president of the Western Magazine Awards Foundation, and an independe ... [more]

    David Geary 2018David Geary
    Instructor - School of Communication

    David Geary teaches in Capilano University's Motion Picture Arts, School of Communications, and Indigenous Independent Filmmakers programs. He previou ... [more]

    Carole GencayCarole Gencay
    Divisional Assistant - School of Communication

    Carole Gencay is the Divisional Assistant in the School of Communication.  Located in the Fir building, she takes pride in working with an amazing gro ... [more]

    Nila Gopaul 2018Nila Gopaul
    BA, CELTA, M.Ed.
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Nila Gopaul holds two teaching certificates and a Master’s Degree in Education from Simon Fraser University (Curriculum Development and Instruction th ... [more]

    Ted Hamilton bEdward Hamilton
    Co-Chair, Diploma Convenor, Instructor - School of Communication

    School of Communication Co-Chair and Communication Studies Diploma Program Convenor. Edward’s areas of teaching and research include history o ... [more]

    Christine Hoppenrath 2018Christine Hoppenrath
    B.A., M.Ed.
    Instructor - School of Communication/ESL

    Christine holds a Master's degree in Education and a B.A. in Sociology, both from University of BC. She also holds a certificate in Teaching Englis ... [more]

    Jane Ince 2018Jane Ince
    B.A. - Economics, UBC
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Jane Ince is the owner of a Vancouver-based public and media relations company. In recent years, Jane has used her public relations and marketing expe ... [more]

    Steve King 2018Steve King
    B.A., M.Ed.
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Steve teaches business and technical writing and has a significant background in second language education for international students and new immigran ... [more]

    Markwick, MichaelMichael Markwick
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Michael brings twenty years of experience, including work in the senior management group of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, to his examination  ... [more]

    Catherine MCatherine Mullaly
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Award-winning art director Cathy Mullaly has worked on numerous publications at Canada Wide Media, but has truly made a name for herself at BCBusine ... [more]

    Kym Stewart 2018Kym Stewart
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Kym Stewart holds a Ph.D. in Education from Simon Fraser University.  Her thesis research looks at media education, specifically issues regarding 'how ... [more]

    Masa Takei 2018Masa Takei
    B.A., M.B.A.
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Masa is an award-winning writer who has worked in print, film, and digital media. He writes primarily about travel, the outdoors, and subcultures. Pub ... [more]

    Bill Van Luven 2018Bill Van Luven
    B.A., M.F.A.
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Bill has been teaching business communications and scriptwriting courses at Capilano University for many years. Bill was the Creative Director of Vanc ... [more]

    Lori Walker Colour 2018Lori Walker
    Instructor - School of Communication

    Lori holds a Ph.D. in Communications from Simon Fraser University.  Her primary area of academic interest is communication around health and environme ... [more]

    Lydia WatsonLydia Watson
    Instructor - School of Communication (OREC & Tourism)

    Lydia holds a Master's degree in Education from UBC. She has taught a variety of courses at the post secondary level for five years. Currently, she te ... [more]

    Ki Wight-bioChristine Ki Wight
    B.F.A, M.F.A.
    Convenor, VFX, Summer Intensives/Instructor - Motion Picture Arts program

    Ki has held positions such as producer, production manager, story consultant, and development and business affairs executive on feature films, televis ... [more]

    Carla Wolf 2017Carla J. Wolf
    Instructor - School of Communication

    A multimedia artist with Whistling Girl Media, Carla brings to the program 15 years' experience working with production media and software. Carla’s en ... [more]