Consultation and Coaching

    • The Advisor is able to provide many services to you individually.  All conversations are confidential, so even if you don't know if the Advisor can be of help, there is no risk in talking to them to find out.  Below are some of the services the Advisor commonly provides. (Remember, if you are a member of a union, your union can also provide support and options. The same is true for Human Resources in relation to any University emloyee.)

      Creating a Plan

      The Advisor will sit down and hear your situation and help you decide how to respond.  Responses can range from doing nothing to helping you talk to the person or people to helping you write a letter or to facilitate an informal resolution process (informal mediation). The Adivsor can also inform you about formal options and options outside the University..

      Preparing for Difficult Conversations

      You can discuss the situation and the Advisor can help you to prepare what you want to say and how you want to say it. You and the Advisor can then practice so that it will be more comfortable when it comes to the real conversation.

      Helping to Write Letters/Emails

      Putting experiences and requests for change into writing can be very difficult.  As well, when we are in a conflict, we tend to read any letter or email in the most negative light, often imagining sarcasm where the writing is attempting to be authentic or up front.  The Advisor can help you to effectively express in writing what you want to say in a way that is most likely to be effective. 

      One-to-One Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution Training

      The Advisor can provide education and practice of skills and approaches to better resolve the problems you are having. In this capacity, the goal is to prepare you to more effectively manage the situation.


      Although it is best to speak to other members of a conflict, sometimes it is helpful to have an advocate speak on your behalf.  The Advisor can speak with the other person(s) with the goal of resolving the conflict or in order to prepare them to speak with you (with or without the presence of the Advisor). 


      The Advisor is able to provice information and referrals to respond to your needs whether or not the situation is one that the Advisor can help you address..