Responding to a Harassment Complaint

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      How do I respond if someone accuses me of harassment?  
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      If you are accused of harassment:

       If you feel comfortable, here are three steps to take in a conversation:


      Make an effort to listen to the other person and understand their point of view.


      Accept that your actions have offended them, even if that was not your intention or if you think their reaction is unreasonable. Do not inflame the situation by, for example, repeating the behaviour, name-calling, denying or denigrating the other person's feelings or threatening retaliation. Let them know you have understood their point of view.


      Explain where you were coming from, your perspective, without denying or disagreeing with theirs. It is almost always a good idea to apologize for any misunderstanding that occurred or any harm you may have done, however unintentional. If having this conversation seems difficult, get some advice before responding. See the Conflict Resolution Advisor, your union or a counsellor.