What is Personal Harassment (Bullying)?

    • Some harassment is not based on human rights grounds yet is still harassment.  This form of harassment is often referred to as personal harassment or bullying or psychological harassment. 

      Personal harassment is harmful to a respectful environment and therefore has not place at Capilano University.  It not only attacks the dignity of worth of the individual or group targeted, it undermines the freedoms of the whole community.

      Capilano University has the responsibility and authority to deal with personal harassment and bullying and restore good learning and workplace relationships.  One of the roles of the Conflict Resolution Advisor is to support and assist in this process.

      The Capilano University Respectful Learning and Working Environment Statement describes Personal Harassment as: "...objectionable and unwanted behaviour that is verbally or physically abusive, vexatious, or hostile, that is without reasonable justification, and that creates a hostile or intimidating environment for learning or working." 

      Personal harassment may be intentional or unintentional and although it usually involves repeated acts, a single serious incident may make the act harassment.  

      Another definition of personal harassment comes from the Equity Office at UBC which defines it a "behaviour that humiliates, intimidates, excludes, and isolates an individual or group, but is not based on one of the BC Human Rights Code's thirteen grounds of prohibited discrimination." 

      Bullying is generally considered to be a type of personal harassment and includes:

      • persistent demeaning or intimidating comments 
      • malicious or intimidating gestures or actions
      • threats (including to educational/employment status) and coercion
      • ostracising or excluding a person or group
      • unwarranted words/behaviour that compromise a person's ability to meet their study or work goals

      See the University's Respectful Learning and Working Environment Statement (.pdf) for more definitions and options.  See also the Off-Campus page for more information on bullying. 

      What can I Do If I am Being Bullied or Harassed?