Inbound Study Abroad and Exchange

    • If your home University is a partner institution to Capilano University, you may apply as an Exchange Student.  Your application must be approved by, and submitted through your University's International Office.

      If you are inquiring about studying for one to two semesters and your home University is not a partner institution to Capilano University, you may apply as a Visiting International Student to our Visiting International Student Program (VISP).  Capilano University welcomes students currently studying in their home country looking for a semester abroad experience as well as recent international high school graduates with no previous post-secondary education who are interested in a gap year experience. 

      Application Deadline

      • May 31 for Fall semester (September - December)
      • October 15 for Spring semester (January-April)
      • February 15 for Summer semester (May - August).  Please note that the Summer semester is only open to VISP students. 

      Required application documents for Study Abroad Students.


      Study abroad students are not permitted to take courses outside of the program they have been admitted to.  You may click here to see the list of courses available to Study Abroad students.

      Fees and Payments

      Most exchange students will pay tuition to their home University.  Please check with your coordinator to verify this tuition fee waiver.  All Exchange students must pay for a UPASS.  The UPass (student transit card) is $164.00 per term (equal to $41.00 per month) and will cover you for the full duration of your four month semester.

      VISP students pay standard international student tuition fees.  Tuition fees at Capilano University are calculated on a price per credit basis.  All VISP students are also required to pay standard Capilano University incidental fees .

      The estimated fees for a four month semester:

      • $164.00 UPass fee (transportation pass, required for all incoming study abroad students)
      • $244.00 Health Insurance fee (Guard.Me insurance, required for all incoming students starting in the Spring 2017 term onward) 
      • $10,100-13,500 Tuition fee (approximate tuition costs for 5 courses, not applicable for students from a partner school with a tuition fee waiver)

      Medical Insurance

      All incoming Study Abroad students (VISP and Exchange) are required to purchase health insurance coverage through Capilano University for their entire period of study (effective Spring 2017 semester). This mandatory insurance is provided by Guard Me through Capilano University and is charged to the student account based on the length of study (charged at a rate of 2$/day). 

      The coverage will be from New International Student Orientation Day to the Last Day of Exams (as per the academic calendar). If students require additional coverage beyond the end date, they may contact Study Abroad at Capilano University for extension of their coverage.


      Capilano does not have on-campus housing, but students have other options for accommodation: host family in a homestay environment or fully furnished shared housing with other students.  Please see our Accommodations page for more information about the types of housing and amenities available in Vancouver.  Students can contact the Accommodation provider directly.