Meal Plan

      • All-You-Care-to-Eat – 7 days a week!

        No need to shop, prepare, cook and clean up – CapU Residence includes a mandatory meal plan, offering healthy, nutritious meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.   

        You can eat what you want and you won't run out of money!

        Meal Plan supports students away from home  

        • No need to cook, clean or worry about cash.
        • Spend your time studying, making friends, and becoming part of the CapU Residence community, instead.
        • Eating together is also a great way to meet new people.
        • In short, being on the Mandatory Meal Plan helps students have an easier transition into university life!

        One complimentary lunch is included on Move-in Day – Friday September 1 – in the Dining Hall!


        Quick Facts

        • Your CapU student ID card is required to access my meal plan at all times.
        • During the academic year, a $500 dining dollars card is included to allow you to purchase meals on main campus if you’re away from residence during meal times. Dining dollars can be used at all campus food vendors.
        • Healthy and sustainable food choices available.

        Meal Plan Overview

        Savour the daily Chef specials served on a five-week menu rotation. Enjoy the freshness of these specials and made-to-order meals for healthy and balanced lifestyle choices. Or build-your-own meal at the salad bar or deli bar.

        Enjoy freshly baked muffins, scones, cookies and more. Don’t forget the variety of pop, juice, Ethical Bean Coffee and teas as well as assorted desserts at every meal.

        Watch for residential promotions happening in the Dining Hall. From local food awareness, multi-cultural cuisine, holiday menus, and “build your own treats” – the meal plan will feature fun with food on a regular basis.

        Accommodating Dietary Restrictions

        The Dining Hall prides itself on accommodating students living in residence with food allergies and/or intolerance. We have a very structured menu cycle which ensures student have all of their nutritional needs met.

        If you have food sensitivities, we encourage you to review the menus and request additional information if needed. Our chefs are more than willing to help ensure your meals meet your personal needs.

        For students with severe allergies, we recommend that you meet with our head chef to discuss your meal options. It is essential that in the first few weeks of the school, you work with our staff to ensure that your needs are addressed throughout the semester. 

        For more information or to discuss your dietary needs, please speak to one of our dining hall staff when you arrive.