• The Capilano School of Business is pleased to announce the launch of Concentrations in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program beginning September, 2016.  We will continue to offer the comprehensive general BBA and are excited to also now offer the BBA with Concentrations that allow students to focus on the specific career pathways listed below. 

    Each Concentration consists of 15 credits of specialized 300 and 400 level courses (to be declared in your 3rd year of study). BBA students who would like to declare their concentrations should complete this declaration form and submit it to Admissions either in person or via e-mail.

    Concentration in: Courses Required (5)

    BFIN 342 and BFIN 347;

    1 of BFIN 331, BFIN 350 or BFIN 351 and
    2 of BFIN 411, BFIN 412 or BFIN 431

    Financial Planning:

    BFIN 351 and BFIN 386;

    1 of BFIN 350 or BFIN 353 and
    2 of BFIN 441 and BFIN 486

    Human Resources Management:

    BADM 305 and BADM 318;

    1 of BADM 303, BADM 307, BADM 329, BADM 335 or BADM 382 and

    2 of BADM 465, BADM 466 or BADM 475

    International Business and Logistics:

    IBUS 321 and IBUS 340;

    1 of IBUS 341, IBUS 356, IBUS 357, IBUS 358 or BFIN 353 and

    2 of IBUS 405, IBUS 434 or IBUS 440


    BMKT 360 and BMKT 364;

    1 of BMKT 316, BMKT 365, BMKT 366, BMKT 367, BMKT 369, IBUS 357 and

    2 of BMKT 401, BMKT 405 or BMKT 408

    The curriculum in the BBA Concentrations has been designed to help students ladder into professional designations or memberships where applicable.     

    Accounting Concentration       Certified Professional Accountant (CPA)  
    Financial Planning Concentration  Certified Financial Planner (CFP)  
    International Business & Logistics   Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) 
    Human Resources Management  Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR)  
    Marketing Concentration   American Marketing Association (AMA) 

       Advising: An advisor is available to assist you with detailed program planning at or 604-984-4900.  

    Why are there Concentrations instead of Majors?

    Concentrations provide students with both the option to focus on one career topic and the flexibility to explore other business areas.  A business major would require a significantly narrower focus (twice as many required topic-specific courses) with fewer student options.  With Concentrations, students may still choose to take all of their business electives in one field.

  • What’s your area of interest?

    Click on the images below to learn about the concentrations.

    Concentration Accounting 

    Concentration Financial Planning 

    Concentration Human Resource Management 

    Concentration International Business and Logistics