Directed Studies

  • Students submit a proposal to a potential faculty mentor in the School of Business. The student’s project may be an existing job or research project. Some examples are: a business venture of your own, a work-related project, a project with the Capilano consulting group, a non-profit project in the community,  a case competition or a project for the university. Your experience will allow you to put existing business education skills into practice while learning new business skills. Students, through the applied experience, will evaluate their specific interests and attitudes in order to assess their career goals.

    There are three Directed Studies courses available, at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year levels, each worth 3 credits. Credit prerequisites are listed in the course outline for each level, a minimum of 45 credits is required for the 2nd year level. Interim, final reports and a reflective essay are all required assignments. Directed Studies course are only offered in the Fall and Spring term. 

    If you are interesting in pursuing a Directed Study, please download the attached form to learn more and submit a proposal. 


    "It is one thing to learn about business theories in books and classroom lectures. It is definitely another to actually have to put these theories into practice. Transferring these theories into real world practice is what the Capilano University directed studies course is all about. Enrolling in this course has been the best decision I have ever made in terms of my continuing education.
    I would highly recommend this course to business students who are interested in truly understanding what it takes to work in their chosen field.”

    Brando Ciccone, BBA Marketing Student

    "In 2015, I had the honor of being selected, alongside 6 other students, to participate in the WE Day Initiative at Capilano University.  With the underlying theme of empowering campus engagement, we held and facilitated several on campus activities while raising over $11,000 for the Take a Hike Foundation. Working with this foundation, we were able to enrich so many lives, including our own. Looking back at all we accomplished, I realized I gained real life experience and knowledge that isn’t in a textbook, all while earning 3 credits to go towards my degree."
    Toni Rose Goulden, BBA Student