About Us

      • IT Services recognizes that the quality of our services is fundamental to the successful operation of Capilano University and its capacity to achieve its strategic objectives.

        Capilano University offers a wide variety of services that are intended to enhance student success. The IT Services department is responsible for the planning, provisioning and delivering of these central IT technology services at the University.

        IT Services is made up of seven specialized teams under the direction of the Chief Information Officer.  

        1. Client Services

          Manager: Neil Harrington
          Client Services provides IT support to students, employees and visitors through email, phone and in person. Client Services also maintains and updates employee, classroom and lab computers.

        2. IT Infrastructure

          Manager: Wade Sellers
          IT infrastructure is responsible for all aspects of the University’s underlying systems and services, including Networks, Servers, Cisco Phones, Email (Exchange), Storage and Backups. Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Protection are outsourced to Integrtity-Paahi Systems, a local managed security provider.

        3. Project Management Office

          Manager: Susan Bush
          Susan is supported by experienced Business Analysts and Project Managers. She maintains a portfolio of all business projects that require IT, and a separate portfolio of IT’s initiatives. Susan has a well-defined project management methodology and the processes to support it.

        4. IT Architecture

          Director: Steve Gallagher
          Under Steve’s expert and long-term guidance, the IT Architecture team has responsibility for defining our overall Architecture, maintain secure door access, Identity and Access Management, Database Administration, and the Change Advisory Board which ensures all system changes are approved and tracked.

        5. Implementation & Deployment

          Manager: Cristian Toma
          Cristian’s team is responsible for all operating systems, both desktop and server, builds, and standard desktop packages, such as MS Office and Adobe.

        6. Web & Instructional Technologies

          Manager: Teodora Dotzeva
          Teodora heads up a relatively new team comprised of web administrators and developers, Moodle administrators, SharePoint resources, and is responsible for IT’s communications and marketing function. Her team is the primary point of contact for Faculty engagement.

        7. Enterprise Systems

          Manager: Vacant
          Currently managed by Steve Gallagher in conjunction with Elham Seyedi, Enterprise Systems is responsible for all aspects of the Banner ERP system, and the HRPay project.