Equipment & Event Loans

      • Employees can borrow a variety of audio-visual equipment from IT Services in Library 125. 

        • Laptops
        • iPads
        • Projectors
        • Video & still cameras
        • Webcam & tripod for WebEx
        • Audio recorders
        • PA podiums
        • Speakers
        • Headphones
        • Microphones
        • USB memory sticks
        • USB card readers
        • SD memory cards
        • Camera accessories
        • Video adapters
        • Mac power adapters
        • Remotes & clickers
        • Classroom podium keys

        There are two ways to borrow audio-visual equipment:

        1. By visiting IT Services in Library 125 during our office hours.
          Make sure to bring your employee card.
        2. By filling out a request for audio-visual equipment and picking up the equipment on the day required.
          Make sure to request audio-visual equipment at least 48 hours in advance.


        If you did not find what you were looking for, contact IT Services.