Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Student Learning Outcomes

    • Understand and analyze historical, technical, philosophical and theoretical trends in the national and global cinemas that will broaden their understanding and perspective of the cinema and further inform their creative analysis and decision making.
    • Demonstrate levels of practical, critical, analytical and research skills, in terms of both the creative and producing components of filmmaking, that will broaden their range of applications of visual communication in order to expand their potential to realize and create meaningful career opportunities.
    • Ability to match their unique skills and vision to individual career goals and aspirations, combined with the abilities to problem solve and innovate within both the technical and creative components of filmmaking.
    • Exhibit and maintain the highest levels of professionalism throughout the filmmaking process, using a collaborative approach to problem-solving and situation analysis.
    • Achieve the necessary levels of inter-personal skills and confidence through self-analysis, learning, mentorship, responsibility and hands-on experience.