Get Ur Fleece On

    • The Sustainability team is pleased to provide a (100% recycled) fleece blanket to CapU employees in the hopes that each will consider the amount of energy that can be saved by dressing warmly during winter months and/or using a small blanket while at their desk.

      All we ask is that you turn in your space heaters, and that you keep and use the fleece blanket at your work space on campus and use it often!

      BC Hydro and FortisBC have once again partnered with Capilano University. If you or anyone in your department would like a fleece blanket, please contact us.

      Since we started this campaign, we have distributed over 325 blankets! Our goal for 2015 is to distribute another 50 blankets, meaning we would have reached 38% of staff on campus. Please help us reach our goal, and save energy at CapU!

      Fleece on Photo

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      For more information click on the image to open PDF.