30 Day Challenge

    •  This fall, we challenged the campus community to 30 days adopting various sustainable habits. The results are in and the winners have been selected!

       An impressive 86 participants rose to the challenge, with the most popular choice being unplugging cords that were not in use. This is a great way to save energy, as leaving cords plugged in draws phantom energy even when devices are not plugged into them.

      What did other participants do? Some packed and only used a reusable mug or water bottle for beverages; others biked to school or work no matter what the weather was; some shortened their shower times to five minutes or less; some turned off their computer’s monitor and shut it down at the end of the day; most unplugged their phone charger when not in use; some pulled a weed each day; and others ate at least one piece of local or organic fruit.

      Everyone did a great job and they are sure to continue on with their newly formed behaviors in the future.

      What about you? Did you know that adopting good habits could change your life for a better? This challenge proves that change can be easy and simple, doesn’t have to cost money or make you go out of your way to cause positive change!

      Who are the winners of the 30 Day Challenge 2014?

      Student Elaine Joy Roberts brought a reusable mug/bottle for 30 days and won the grand prize $50 MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) gift-card. Tegan Jackson, also a student, biked to and from campus and also unplugged chargers that were not in use and won the $25 bookstore gift card. Another student, Jackson Buscher, used power strips to make sure all appliances were turned off (unplugged) and he won the $10 Aramark gift card. Kathleen Bolton pulled a weed every day and Sonia Becker unplugged her phone chargers. These Capilano U staff members are winners of $10 Aramark gift cards.

      We are very proud of all of our participants who have changed their old ways and have now acquired new, more sustainable habits.

      What will you choose to change or do differently each day?

      30 Day Challenge poster