Business Administration Certificate Program Requirements

  • Intakes: Campus Terms Full/Part Time
      North Vancouver Fall Both
      North Vancouver Spring Both
      North Vancouver Summer Both
      Sunshine Coast Fall Part-Time
      Sunshine Coast Spring Part-Time

    Students cannot receive credit for BFIN 141 or BFIN 142 and also get credit for BFIN 193 towards this credential. Students may get credit for only one of BFIN 244 or BFIN 341 towards this credential.

    Required Course   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 3.00
    Required: 3.00
    BADM 101 Management 3.00  
    Required Specialty Courses   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 6.00
    Choose 6.00 credits from the following list: 6.00
    BADM 102 Quantitative Methods 3.00  
    BADM 106 Organizational Behaviour 3.00  
    BADM 107 Business Law I 3.00  
    BFIN BFIN 141 Accounting or BFIN 193 Accelerated Financial Accounting 3.00  
    BMKT 161 Marketing 3.00  
    Electives   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 9.00
    Total Program Credits 18.00
    Choose 9.00 credits from the following list: 9.00
    Business Elective - A course at the 100, 200, or 300-level from the prefixes below, or ECON 210, or RMCP 172 & 173, or RMCP 181.
    BADM Business Administration  
    BCPT Business Computing  
    BFIN Business Finance  
    BMKT Business Marketing  
    ECON 210 Money and Banking 3.00  
    IBUS International Business  
    RMCP RMCP 172 & 173  
    RMCP 181 Strategic Retail Buying 3.00  

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