Animation Fundamentals Portfolio Requirements

  • Here's what you need to get started on your online portfolio:

    Submit an online application to Capilano University, this is required before you submit your portfolio - Admissions

    Review the instructions on the "How to Submit Your Portfolio" page on the Animation website.

    Visit the Portfolio Submission Form and follow the instructions to submit a link to your online portfolio directly to the Animation department.

    Portfolio deadlines for summer 2018: 

    The application and portfolio deadline for Animation Fundamentals has been extended until June 5, 2018. Applications and portfolios will be reviewed as they are submitted until the program is filled or June 5.

    - January 31 for early acceptance consideration, results will be sent out late February or March
    - March 15, regular deadline, results will be sent out late April.

    Applicants to the program should submit a link to an online portfolio consisting of 5 or more images demonstrating your artistic and creative skills. Post your best and most recent work. The portfolio should consist of a variety of drawings and/or designs and may include:

    • Quick sketches, gesture drawings and sustained drawings of the human figure, clothed or nude or animals in various action poses.
    • Compositional drawings of objects or locations including: household objects, architectural drawings, layouts, still life, etc.
    • Original drawings or designs showcasing your drawing abilities and personal interests.

    What not to include in your portfolio:

    Originality is vital. Do not submit work that is not your own. If you have to include drawings you made from an anatomy book or any kind of group project, make sure you label what is not yours and whose work it is. If we see work that is not yours but looks like you're trying to pass it off as yours, it will reflect poorly on the whole portfolio.

    Drawing from photographs is less impressive than drawings from life because with a photo, much of the work is done for you already (and it usually looks flat and lifeless anyway). If you have to send us drawings you copied from photos, make sure you still have examples of life drawing and original sketchbook work.

    Good luck!