1. Walk to a multi-function device and scan your employee card. Once you are logged in, click PaperCut.

          MFD - Choose PaperCut or GS-NX

        2. On the "Held Print Jobs" screen, click Use Device Functions.

          MFD - Use Device Functions

        3. Click My Personal Account for personal photocopying or the departmental PaperCut account for work related photocopying.

          MFD - Select Account

        4. You should see the "Device Access Approved" screen.

          MFD - Device Access Approved

        5. Press the physical Copy button to see the photocopying options.

          MFD - Copy button

        6. On the photocopying screen, select from the available options the ones you would like (e.g. choosing Photo instead of Text when you are photocopying a photo).

          MFD - Copy screen

        7. Place your documents in the multi-function device and press the physical Start button.
          Your documents will begin to photocopy according to the options you have chosen.

          MFD - Start button


        If you did not find what you were looking for, contact IT Services.