1. Walk to a multi-function device and scan your employee card. Once you are logged in, click PaperCut.

          MFD - Choose PaperCut or GS-NX

        2. On the "Held Print Jobs" screen, click Use Device Functions.

          MFD - Use Device Functions

        3. Click My Personal Account for personal scanning or the departmental PaperCut account for work related scanning.

          MFD - Select Account

        4. You should see the "Device Access Approved" screen.

          MFD - Device Access Approved

        5. Press the physical Scanner button to see the scanning options.

          MFD - Scanner button

        6. Click SCAN TO ME if you wish to send an email to yourself with the scanned documents.
          Alternatively, click Manual Entry and type out another Capilano University email address of your choosing.

          MFD - Scanner screen

        7. Place your documents in the multi-function device and press the physical Start button.
          Your documents will begin to scan.

          MFD - Start button


        If you did not find what you were looking for, contact IT Services.