EarthWorks Spring 2017 Videos

    • Catalysts & Conservation Speaker Series Spring 2017

      Creating a Climate for Change: Pipeline Politics and Protests

      Tzeporah Berman, January 18, 2017

      Tzeporah Berman is a Canadian environmental activist and writer with 20 years of experience designing environmental campaigns.

      Screening of the Film Primeval: Enter the Incomappleux

      Damien Gillis, February 23, 2017

      The past, present, and future of B.C.’s ancient forests, filmed on location deep in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains. Director Damien Gillis will be on hand to answers questions.

      Ecological Restoration: Field of Hope

      Ken Ashley, March 9, 2017

      Ken Ashley talks about renewing degraded ecosystems to a high state of natural functioning with biological integrity and sustainability.

      Bears: Many Stories

      Christina Service and Doug Neesloos, March 21, 2017

      Christina Service and Doug Neesloos are with the Spirit Bear Research Foundation, and will talk about research and conservation in that habitat.