EarthWorks Fall 2016 Videos

    • Catalysts & Conservation Speaker Series Fall 2016

      Wild Salmon in the 21st Century: Energy, Triage & Choices

      Ken Ashley, September 27, 2016

      Our market-driven economy runs the risk of undermining the very ecological foundation on which it flourishes. If we want wild salmon, how do we prioritize the conditions for their survival?

      Capturing Carbon

      Geoff Holmes, October 18, 2016

      In Squamish BC, a pilot project by Carbon Engineering is underway to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere – and turn it into a fuel.

      Go Local: The Story of Howe Sound

      Bob Turner, November 1, 2016

      After decades of industrial pollution, Howe Sound appears alive again, with the return of creatures like whales and dolphins. But large-scale plans for reindustrialization are looming including an LNG port. What happens now?

      HealthWorks 2016

      Top Nutrition Myths

      Diana Steele, September 29, 2016