BC High School Current Students - Self-Report Grades

    • If you are a current grade 12 high school student studying the BC or Yukon curriculum who has submitted an application for the Fall 2018 term you can self-report your grades.
      You can self-report your grades from January 15th to March 31st, 2018.

      Please note, if you are a student in a semester school, we encourage you to wait until March to self-report, we need all of your grades not just semester one grades.

      Before you report:

      1. You have 30 minutes to self-report your grades. Please make sure you have sufficient time to complete the process before you start. You cannot save your work and return to finish later.
      2. Please have your official transcript/report card in front of you before you start. You can only self-report your grades ONCE during the self-reporting period so make sure the information you are providing is accurate.
      3. For a list of acceptable academic courses for self-reporting, please  review the academic requirements  Arts or Science: BC Students option.

      How to report:

      1. Login to your student account at MyCap
      2. Select  Admissions: Check your application status, self-report BC high school grades.
      3. Select Self-Report BC High School Grades.
      4. Enter your grades (both letter and percentage) for all academic Grade 11 and 12 courses from your official transcript/report card issued in January/February 2018.