Enhancing Learning Environments

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      • Integrated Academic Support - From university preparation and developmental support to writing improvement and preparation for graduate school, students should have a clear sense of where and how they can access the help they need.  Central to this will be a new commitment to peer-to-peer mentoring.
      • University Wellness - Over the next three years, Capilano will commit to a wellness agenda that includes consolidating services for physical, social, and psychological support, coordinating activities that enhance student life, and establishing initiatives to address gaps in our institutional safety net including housing, employment, and career services.
      • Learning and Teaching Development - Each of the next three years will see resources dedicated to development activities supporting faculty in their roles as instructors, facilitators, mentors, and scholars of learning and teaching.


      Integrated Academic Support 
      1. Review academic support services to identify areas of reduction, consolidation, growth
      2. Expand resourcing for personnel supporting academic support services
      3. Establish a peer mentors program for student academic support
      4. Review developmental education programming and services
        Status 02/15: ABE/ESL funding changes result in review and revision
      5. Retool developmental education programming as needed
      University Wellness 
      1. Develop a strategic wellness plan
      2. Implement recommendations of strategic wellness plan
      3. Review student support services to identify areas of reorganization and growth
      4. Expand resourcing for personnel supporting student support services
      5. Review and rebuild university support of career services
      6. Build and expand student transportation, housing, and employment services
      7. Review campus life and recreation services
      8. Expand resourcing and programming for campus life and recreation services
      9. Conduct an external campus wellness review
      10. Conduct an external student success review
      Learning and Teaching Development 
      1. Consolidate learning and teaching areas within a centre for learning
      2. Resource personnel and services in support of faculty development 
      3. Conduct a needs assessment of faculty development
      4. Establish a faculty learning communities program
      5. Establish a faculty orientation program for new and returning faculty members
      6. Establish a centre for faculty development within the context of the larger learning centre
      7. Establish a peer mentors program for faculty
      8. Establish a faculty of scholarship of teaching and learning program
      9. Establish an innovation hub for learning and teaching