Concurrent Studies

  • Get a head start on university while still in high school

    Did you know that you can take courses at Capilano University while you are still in high school? And that you can start as early as the summer before Grade 11?

    If you have excelled in your high school studies and are looking for an extra challenge, or if you just want to get a sense of what university is all about, Concurrent Studies at Capilano University may be right for you. As a teaching-focused university, our goal is to enable your success so you'll find lots of encouragement and support while you're here.

    With approval from your school principal or counsellor and a parent, you can take one or two courses per term. As a bonus, the application fee is waived for Concurrent Studies students. That's a savings of $50!

    Applying for Concurrent Studies

    1. Discuss the Concurrent Studies option with your teachers, counsellor or principal, and parents.
    2. If you have support to take Concurrent Studies, complete the Concurrent Studies Consent Form (PDF).
    3. Apply to Arts General or Science General at Capilano University. Complete and submit the "Application for Admission/Readmission" (PDF).

    Deadline for Fall 2017 Applications is August 1, 2017


    Courses Available in the Fall 2017 Term

    Check myCap Schedule for up-to date information:

    Note: English courses may require an English Diagnostic Test score.