Carpool Rules

    • The University considers the carpool parking areas and permits to be a service of the University. Registered carpool groups have the advantage of seeking parking in designated and free parking spaces on Campus.  Any observed breach, obstruction or misuse of the carpool area or permit will result in all members of the group forfeiting their carpool privileges for the remainder of the current term plus the following term and will be subject to ticketing and towing of the vehicle.

      The Carpool Rules are printed on the reverse side of each carpool permit:

      1. Arrive on Campus together, in one vehicle, at the carpool parking area, and exit the vehicle together.
      2. Absolutely no drop-offs or in & out privileges are permitted - there must be at least 3 members in the vehicle upon arrival.
      3. If there are not 3 members in the car you cannot enter a carpool space but must use general pay parking and pay the posted daily rate for that zone.
      4. Vehicles with less than three members observed parking, stopping, waiting, entering or otherwise occupying a carpool parking space will be subject to a ticketing and/or towing.  All members of the group will lose their carpool privileges for the remainder of the term plus the following term.  The University's Carpool Parking Permit must be returned to the Parking Services Office upon request.  
        No Exceptions.