Carpool-Registration Process

    • Complete one application form (pdf) for the entire group.

      Each applicant must:

      • Provide their personal contact information and up to 2 license plate numbers to associate to the permit.
      • Sign the agreement to acknowledge they have read and understood it, the declaration clause, the hold harmless clause, and agree to abide by the carpool rules, general parking rules and their own responsibility to perform their own due diligence in driving or being a passenger in a carpool group.
      • Attend at the Parking Services Office in Arbutus building room AR032 and present their own valid CapCard to validate the agreement before the carpool permit will be issued. 

      If your child carpools with you, please request the Children's Centre Manager to verify their attendance by sending an email to

      After all member information has been validated by Parking Services, the group will receive one carpool permit. The permit is associated to all license plate numbers provided on the application therefore is transferable between those vehicles.

      Please allow up to 2 business days for processing applications.

      All applicants for a carpool group must first be cleared of any outstanding parking violation notices or fines received at Capilano University.  Those who have previously received notices for fraudulent use or alteration of any type of parking related payment, receipt, or permit will not be eligible for a carpool permit.

      Carpool permits remain the property of Capilano University and must be returned if membership drops below the required three persons, upon expiry at the end of each term, or surrendered upon request of a parking patroller if used in violation of the carpool rules.