Library Challenge Policy and Form

    • Capilano University Library aims to build a collection that represents diverse viewpoints and stimulates intellectual inquiry and debate. The Library collection is intended for an adult audience. It includes materials of historical record that reflect outdated ideas and attitudes that are pertinent to the curriculum and germane to a post-secondary collection. Titles are not removed because of unpopular or unorthodox content but they are removed if they do not meet the criteria outlined in Section VI General Selection Guidelines and Section VII Selection Criteria by Format. 

      The Library does not censor material but does have a process for addressing patron complaints. To initiate the process, the patron fills out the Materials Challenge Form (below) which is forwarded to the Liaison Librarian and the Collection Development Librarian. The Librarians review the challenge and discuss the issue with the patron. If necessary, the challenge is forwarded to the University Librarian.

      Challenge Form

      Your Name: 


      Do you represent an organization?                University Affiliation:                

        What kind of Resource are you commenting on? 

      Resource Details



      date of publication: 

      call number: 

      If it was a presentation, give any details you can about the event: 

      What brought his resource to your attention?

      Have you examined the entire resource? 



      What concerns you about this resource?


      Are there any resources you could suggest to provide additional information and/or other viewpoints on this topic?


      This form was adapted from the American Library Association Freedom Committee.