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    Staff Picks

    • Every month some of our staff members' favorite books go on display on the side of the popular bookshelf on the main floor. Check them out in the library, or reserve them right here - you might find something you like!

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      Staff Picks for December 2017


      by Curtis Sittenfeld
      Sabrina's Pick

      A fun and fluffy read for lovers of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice! In this modern retelling, Liz Bennet is a magazine writer living in NYC with her sister Jane, a yoga instructor. When their father has a heart attack, the two elder Bennet sisters return home to Cincinnati to help and become embroiled in Bennet family chaos. Mr. Bingley is now Chip Bingley, the star of Eligible, a reality dating show, and Mr. Darcy, still standoffish, is a neurosurgeon. Eligible is a quick read – perfect for the beach or the bus!
      Frances Ha

      Frances Ha
      directed by Noah Baumbach
      Elizabeth's Pick

      I love anything with Greta Gerwig.
      Lady of the Lake

      The Lady of the Lake
      by Andrzej Sapkowski
      Michael's Pick

      The final part of the Witcher saga (well, as far as the books go, anyway). Geralt vs. Vilgefortz. Ciri vs. Bonhart. A twist worthy of The Empire Strikes Back with regards to a certain character. The series goes out with a bang.
      Name of the Wind

      The Name of the Wind
      by Patrick Rothfuss
      Student pick: Tyler from MOPA

      It's a great story filled with amazing imagery and well written characters. It changes the structure of the common fantasy tale and introduces some very fresh ideas to the genre. I wish I could read this for the first time again.