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    Staff Picks

    • Every month some of our staff members' favorite books go on display on the side of the popular bookshelf on the main floor. Check them out in the library, or reserve them right here - you might find something you like!

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      Staff Picks for January 2018

      Left Neglected

      Left Neglected
      by Lisa Genova
      Chelsea's Pick

      Imagine living your life with no awareness of your left side… you look in a mirror and you only see half of your face. This is the life that Sarah Nickerson is now facing, as she learns to cope with Hemispatial Neglect. Left Neglected is a great book about conquering difficulties and never taking things for granted.
      Man's Search

      Man's Search for Meaning
      by Viktor Frankl
      Student pick: Brendan from Arts

      A chilling book about Frankl's experiences in the Nazi concentration camps, and how one can find meaning while suffering. A must read for anyone feeling depressed or lost.

      by Brandon Sanderson
      Sarah's Pick

      This book has some of the most brilliantly written fight scenes I have ever read, along with some of the best characters and a unique magic system. Join a band of thieves as they set out to overthrow the Lord Ruler in a mysterious world full of mist and allomancy.
      Something Under

      Something Under the Bed Is Drooling
      by Bill Watterson
      Michael's Pick

      This, the second collection of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, was the very first one I got as a kid. I remember getting it for Christmas, maybe when I was 7 or 8. I was instantly hooked, despite the fact that a lot of stuff in it flew over my head. That’s one of the many brilliant things about it – different ages will love it for different reasons. It’s as close as you can come to having universal appeal. Calvin & Hobbes is one of the very few things that I loved as a child that I still love as an adult, without needing nostalgia to do so.