Academic Plan Advisory Committee

    • As the standing committee responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on matters of academic planning, Capilano University's Senate Academic Planning and Program Assessment Committee (SAPPAC) plays an important role in campus governance and community representation.  In an effort to support and assist with the current academic planning process, SAPPAC has established a sub-committee which will serve as the university's Academic Planning Advisory Committee.  This committee will be made up of two faculty representatives, one staff representative, one student representative, and one administrator who will meet as a group at least twice each month until the academic plan is completed.  

      The SAPPAC members on the Academic Planning Advisory Committee are: 

      Michael Flemming (faculty member and chair of SAPPAC)  
      Kim McLeod (faculty member)
      Darin Feist (staff member)  
      Natahsha Prakash (student)  
      Vacant (administrator)