July 2, 2008: Capilano animation students take first and second prize in Animation Magazine’s annual competition

      Wednesday, July 2, 2008
      Contact: Shelley Kean
      Tel: 604.983.7596

      (NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.)—Results are in and two first-year Capilano Animation students were grand prize winners at the Seventh Annual Animation Magazine Pitch Party. Congratulations to first place winner, Mike Jones, for RIP Alice, and to second place winner, Colleen Thomas, for The House of Woooo.

      Mike Jones, a 26-year-old first-year student at Capilano, came up with a nice twist on the fish-out-of-water concept: a toon about a big city Goth girl who has to learn how to cope with the simple pleasures of a small-town lifestyle. Don Perro, who heads up the Animation program at Capilano, presented the competition to their animation/design students and their top six ideas made it to the magazine’s Pitch Party pages.

      RIP Alice was an idea that had formulated in my head over the last few months, having just moved to a big city for the first time,” says Mike. “Traveling on the bus each day I'd see all kinds of young people who seemed like their only job was to look cool and hip . . . I found it very funny how they would complain about the most superficial things.”

      Mike says he grew up on the Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry shorts and would love to explore the world of animation as best as he can.

      “I'd like to take a stab at 3D animation, although I don't think I'll ever be able to put away my sketch book,” he adds. “Character design and development is where I'm strongest. Ultimately though, I'd like to work my way towards being a director. Excellent storytelling is becoming rare, and so it's something I'm really looking to learn more about.”

      We’re hoping that Alice the Goth girl will open a whole lot of doors for this talented artist in the years ahead.

      Colleen Thomas put a fun spin on the old werewolf mystery tales which appealed to the magazine’s judges.

      “It started with the idea of these two odd kids being the caretaker for their grandpa, but something had to be horribly wrong,” says the talented 24-year-old artist. “I've always liked action adventure cartoons best, and I draw a lot of monsters and scrappy kids, so it seemed like a natural combination. It's the kind of story that I would like to work on or to watch — that's what I tried to think of.”

      Animation Magazine staff picks included The Princess & The Mermaid by Capilano’s Jo Reid, and Cow Kitty by Capilano’s E. Mullock.

      The Pitch Party is an extremely targeted advertising campaign designed to help indie producers and up-and-coming talents present their ideas to influential people who currently hold key positions in the development and production of animated television. Contestants were able to get their ideas off of their computers and draft tables and in front of execs and the animation industry at large.

      Full competition details can be found at http://www.animationmagazine.net/article/8541

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