October 18, 2005: A unique partnership benefits students and tourism

      October 18, 2005
      Contact: Jonathan Rouse
      Tel: 604.983.7554

      (NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.)—British Columbia’s tourism industry and its students are the big winners in a unique partnership formed recently between Capilano College and Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management (VPC).

      The agreement will provide VPC students with access to higher education opportunities by allowing those graduating from its 16-month Hospitality Management diploma program to ladder directly into Capilano College’s Bachelor of Tourism Management degree.

      “With this agreement, we’ve opened the door for students at a private institution to get degree at a public institution in a way that’s flexible and accessible,” says Jonathan Rouse, chair of Capilano College’s tourism department. “This unique educational effort supports industry’s need for 84,000 new skilled employees in B.C.’s workforce by 2015, as it allows students to achieve both their professional and educational goals”.

      Program flexibility means that students can design their own education pathway through full or part time studies, evening or day courses, and can build on their certificate and/or diploma to complete a degree. This laddering concept allows students to go out into the field and return to advance their knowledge and skills. Those already in the workforce can complete their degree during evenings and on the weekends. A recent partnership created with Royal Road’s University in Victoria now provides Capilano College tourism degree students with the option of laddering into RRU’s Master of Arts in Leadership and Training degree.

      “Capilano College and Vancouver Premier College have done an excellent job of articulating their programs so that students will get the credit they deserve when they move to Capilano College’s degree program,” says Finola Finlay, associate director of the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer. “I congratulate both institutions on the cooperative approach in linking their programs and thus providing students with greater opportunities for tourism education in B.C.”

      Other members of the province’s tourism industry see the far-reaching and long-term benefits the new agreement will provide to both students and businesses.

      “This articulation agreement between Capilano College and Vancouver Premier College provides an excellent opportunity for students to get the training needed for the new jobs being created in tourism in the next decade,” says Lynne Henshaw, director of marketing and communications for go2. “It is also good news for the industry – management positions will have more openings than skilled people to fill them and graduates from these combined programs will be well-prepared to help fill that gap.”

      Jochem Zijp is a 24-year-old Tourism Management degree student at Capilano College who transferred into the program from VPC’s Hospitality Management diploma program earlier this year. He is experiencing first-hand the benefits of what both institutions have to offer.

      “Vancouver Premier College served as a wonderful stepping stone in my transition from a Hospitality Management diploma to a Tourism Management degree,” he says. “Small class sizes and one-on-one teaching at Capilano College challenges students to learn. VPC prepared me well.”


      For more information, please contact Jonathan Rouse at 604.983.7554.