May 28, 2003: New Communications program launched

      May 28, 2003
      Contact: Dr. Azza Sedky
      Tel: 604.986.1911, local 2516

      (NORTH VANCOUVER)— The workplace values communications skills over all others. Can you deliver?

      Capilano College is launching a new program this fall to help participants develop writing and communications skills for the 21st century. The new Professional Communications certificate program starts this September at the North Vancouver campus. Evening courses will make it easier for people working full-time to hone their writing skills or break into the communications, journalism, or applied arts industries.

      "With our 18-credit evening program in applied communications skills," says Communications department coordinator Leslie Savage, “you can start this September and complete the program by next April."

      The program will offer foundations and training in a range of skills, including presentations, business and technical writing, Web content development, and corporate communications.

      "We receive many inquiries from people with good writing skills who want to build a career on that expertise," says Savage. "And we know that employers are always looking for people with strong practical communication proficiency. The Professional Communications certificate will meet both demands."

      Capilano College’s Communications department has long offered courses in subjects such as freelance journalism and presentations. Now the department is combining those courses with new offerings in subjects such as visual communications and Web content development, enabling students to master a wide spectrum of skills.

      "We expect our graduates to succeed in careers ranging from technical writing to self-employment in Web development or freelance journalism," says Savage.

      Successful applicants should have at least one year of university-level education and preferably more. Strong writing skills are also required. Admission to the program will depend on an application letter and an interview, including a short impromptu essay.

      "A typical student," says Savage, "can expect to commit three nights a week in the fall and three in the spring. This might include Visual Communications on Monday, Presentations on Tuesday, and Web Content Development on Wednesday. In the spring 2004 term, students would finish up with Advanced Business Writing, Technical Writing, and Corporate Communications."

      For more information, applicants should contact Dr. Azza Sedky at 604.986.1911, local 2516, or The Communications department will hold information meetings in August, but early registration begins July 7.

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      For more information, contact Dr. Azza Sedky at 604.986.1911, local 2516.