June 26, 2002: Ambassador's wife visits campus

      June 26, 2002
      Contact: Casey Dorin at 604.983.7586

      (SQUAMISH, B.C.)--You never know who is going to drop by when a G-8 ministerial meeting is being held in your neighbourhood.

      On Thursday, June 13, the wife of Paul Cellucci, the US ambassador to Canada, paid a visit to the Squamish campus of Capilano College.

      While her husband attended summit meetings being held at Whistler, Jan Cellucci decided to meet some students in the College's Gateways program, as well as a few College employees still on campus for the summer months.

      "Mrs. Cellucci is keenly interested in education, particularly libraries, as that is her professional background," said campus manager, Casey Dorin. "She spent about one and a half hours speaking with students and answering their questions about her role."

      Mrs. Cellucci's goal is to visit as many educational facilities as she can while visiting Canada.

      "She was very impressed with the type of work being done on the campus," said Dorin, who added that it was an exciting way for the students to spend their last day of class.

      "Mrs. Cellucci was attending an event that evening where she was going to mingle with a lot of high profile elected official and dignitaries. She told me she would definitely talk to them about our campus and the programs we offer."

      The Gateways program is a three-month professional development course that runs at the Squamish campus throughout the year.


      For more information, contact Casey Dorin at 604.983.7586