April 25, 2001: Capilano College Women's Studies alumni invited to special event

      April 25, 2001
      Contact:  Shelley Kean at 983-7596

      (NORTH VANCOUVER)--Alumni of the Women’s Studies program at Capilano College are invited to a one-day symposium on Saturday, June 9 at the College’s North Vancouver campus at 2055 Purcell Way, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Cedar building, room 148.

      Titled, What Next? Help Shape the Future, discussions will include a brainstorming session to identify three major issues confronting women’s progress, as well as strategies to deal with the issues.

      The event is a presentation of the Chair, Women’s Studies Endowment, which was established in the spring of 1999 to provide speakers, workshops and programs to address the challenges of women today.

      "This fund is a way to maintain continuity into the new century," says Dr. Olga Kempo, event organizer and former Women’s Studies instructor. "It will help ensure that all the work done by women in the last century is not forgotten and that women do not have to fight the same battles all over again."

      The event is free, parking is $2 and lunch will be provided. Attendance can be confirmed before June 1 by calling 990-7817.

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