May 15, 2000: $1 million times two

      May 15, 2000
      Contact: Lana Robinson
      Executive Director, Capilano College Foundation
      (604) 984-1765

      Three years after donating $1 million to Capilano College’s Asia Pacific Management Cooperative Program (APMCP), Canadian businessman and philanthropist, Robert McRae, has pledged another $1 million to support the College’s international programs.

      The new donation is intended to promote international study and work experiences for students in the Latin American Management Program (LAMP) and APMCP. It is specifically directed at developing credit-transfer agreements with master’s degree programs at reputable international universities.

      "Mr. McRae strongly believes in helping young people to work, live and learn in an international context," says John Potts, Capilano College dean of Business, Human Services and International programs. "This generous donation will support the development of young Canadian managers and will be used to assist them in working abroad in the private sector and in development capacities. These young people become ambassadors for Canada."

      APMCP instructor, Scott Macleod, views the gift as a major vote of confidence in the College’s vision.

      "This is an affirmation that small, innovative institutions can develop new educational niches," MacLeod says. "By using an interdisciplinary model that brings together faculty from business, social sciences and humanities, our international programs offer a unique, global perspective, while remaining student-centered."

      McRae and his daughter, Elizabeth Peck, run Canadians Resident Abroad, Inc., a Toronto company that sends tax and investment reports to Canadian expatriates around the globe.

      An inspirational speaker, his philosophy is well known amongst the students, graduates and faculty members of Capilano College’s international programs. He often says: "I don’t want to be old and poor or dead and rich."