February 3, 2000: IWD lecture to address impact of funding policies on women

      February 3, 2000
      Contact: Faye Cooper
      (604) 985-0067

      Capilano College celebrates International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8 with afree lecture by University of British Columbia tax law professor, Claire Young. The 11thannual Mary Catherine Paterson Memorial Lecture takes place at the North Vancouver campusat 7:30 p.m. in the Cedar building, room 148.

      Professor Young’s subject will be Taxing Times for Women: the Gendered Impactof Funding Social Programs Through the Tax System. The lecture will address the impacton women of the policy of funding social programs through the tax system. The analysistakes into account the socio-economic realities of women’s lives and concludes thatmany tax measures that are subsidies in respect of social programs do not benefit women tothe same extent that they benefit men. Tax measures explored include the child careexpense and tax subsidies for retirement savings.

      Young is currently engaged in work that focuses on women and tax. She has publishedextensively in the tax area is co-author of two books and the author of numerous articleson tax law and policy. She is also preparing a major report commissioned by Status ofWomen Canada, which will examine the impact on women of delivering social programs throughthe tax system.

      For more information, contact Faye Cooper at 985-0067.